Update - Day 880

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Update - Day 880 Empty Update - Day 880

Post by Manong Rizal on Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:58 pm

Hello Party Members! Here's some few updates!

* Po, the vegetarian just posted an article. Please vote, subscribe, and comment!

* We are officially merging with Umbrella. Nice logo huh? Razz

* Keep discussing the manifesto views!

* And most importantly, the DOJO Project - CITIZEN CENTER Beta is now released in the party. It will be released throughout eBelgium after we make the system as perfect as possible. Check it out here:

* William Alexander Brentwood has left the party as well as Alex Piston (both may have been sour at their unsuccessful bids on the PP) however, Thjeu joins the party.

* I will update our wiki tomorrow.
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